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M1014 Specialist

  • General

Damage: Standard Damage (1 to legs/arms, 2 to torso, 3 to head)

  • Firing Modes

Semiautomatic: Yes
Burst Fire: No
Full Auto: No

  • Ammunition

Capacity: 6
Number of Shells FMJ Loaded/Inventory: 6/35 (total 41)
Number of Shells FMJ Tracer Loaded/Inventory : 6/35 (total 41)
Number of Shells AP Loaded/Inventory: 6/6 (total 12)

  • Weapon Features

Bolt Hold Open: Yes
Drop Free Magazine: N/A
How to Eject Magazine: N/A
How to Chamber Shells: Grab Shell with off hand trigger, bring to loading port. Press up on Dpad of primary hand to close bolt

  • Scope Attachments

Ironsights: Yes
Red Dot Sight: Yes
Holographic Sight: Yes
4x Scope Sight: No
12x Scope Sight: No

  • Attachments

Foregrip: Yes
Suppressor: Yes
Laser Sight: Yes
Flashlight: Yes