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M249 Automatic Rifleman

  • General

Damage: Standard Damage (1 to legs/arms, 2 to torso, 3 to head)

  • Firing Modes

Semiautomatic: No
Burst Fire: No
Full Auto: Yes

  • Ammunition

Capacity: 200
Number of Magazines FMJ Loaded/Inventory: 1/2 (total 2)
Number of Magazines FMJ Tracer Loaded/Inventory : 1/2 (total 2)
Number of Magazines AP N/A)

  • Weapon Features

Bolt Hold Open: No
Drop Free Magazine: No
How to Eject Magazine: Press down on trackpad or move stick down and press in, then Grab magazine with off hand
How to Chamber After Magazine Reload: Lift the feed-tray cover using off hand, Pull out about three or four inches of linked ammunition from the magazine and Place this strip of ammo on the feed tray, Close the feed tray cover. Grasp the cocking handle with the off hand and pull the bolt to the rear.

  • Scope Attachments

Ironsights: Yes
Red Dot Sight: No
Holographic Sight: Yes
4x Scope Sight: No
12x Scope Sight: No

  • Attachments

Foregrip: Yes
Suppressor: No
Laser Sight: No
Flashlight: Yes