Phone with Spy on Text Messages Feature

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This Is What PhonySpy Can Do For You:

1. View Call Logs All calls, whether they are incoming or outgoing, are logged for your viewing. And to make sure no details are left out, PhonySpy also records the duration of the call as well as the time stamp

2. Read Incoming Outgoing Messages Every text message, whether it was sent out or received, can be found in your PhonySpy account… REAL TIME. It doesn’t matter if the text messages are deleted. The spying app will even show you the full text

3. GPS Locations History Want to know where a cell phone is located at a certain time? No problem. This feature will get the job done. Every thirty minutes, PhonySpy records the GPS locations of the phone and uploads it. The location is then linked to a map, which makes it easier to view and pinpoint and location

4. Contacts Find out all the contacts that are stored on the phone with this spy on text messages feature. New contacts that are added are also recorded and sent to your online PhonySpy account:

5. Internet Browsing History All URL website addresses visited using the phone’s browser are logged

6. Emails History Whether it’s an outbound or inbound email, all email activities are recorded by PhonySpy. If you are worried if your kids are communicating with someone they are not supposed to, if you want to make sure all communications by your employees are business related, or if you want to have a back up of your emails from your smart phone, this is a priceless feature you sure want to have:

7. Photo Video History All photos videos taken by the phone are recorded are viewable. You can also download them to your computer:

8. Messenger Chat History PhonySpy PRO will show you the Messenger chat conversations. you can view the username of who your target is talking with, plus both sides of the conversation and time/date information.