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== Spectating (NEW!) ==
===VR Spectating===
With update 1.1 of Onward, spectating was introduced! In <b>non-competitive lobbies</b>, once you have joined a team (and the round is in progress) you will find a set of VR goggles spawn on the table in front of you. To jump into VR spectating, simply pick them up and put them on your head! To get back out, reach up and pull them back off again (if you keep hold of the trigger when doing this they'll stay in your hand).
While you are spectating in VR, you can use the trackpads/thumbsticks on each hand to control your movement. As with the normal Onward movement it'll be based on controller rotation. With the addition of being able to point the controllers up and down to move on the Y axis. In VR spectating you'll be able to hear and communicate with dead members of your team. You can still hear living members but they won't hear you. Player names will illustrate where all the players in the match are, both friendly and enemy.
<b>(KEYPAD) Plus(+)</b> - Cycle through alive players in team 2. If no other alive players it'll stay on same one
<b>G</b> - jump to player who has most recently fired a weapon
<b>Left Arrow</b> - "Tune in" to Team 1's voice chat (sliders will revert back to previous position after release)

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