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<strong>Onward</strong> is a VR Tactical First Person Shooter for Windows using SteamVR. It is currently officially supported on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift w/Touch Controllers. You can [ buy it from the Steam store here.]<br>
*=Community Resources=
Come join us on the official Onward Discord! There is even a wiki_discussion channel about this wiki!<br>
The OnwardVR reddit page is also very popular!<br>
This wiki is still under construction! Register an account and help contribute content to the Onward wiki! Not sure what to help contribute to or have a request for the admin? [[Todo|Check the Todo page]]!<br>
=Game Info=
Created with contributions from who made one of the first Onward Field Guides along with major help from The Law, Spikefinch, Mwgreatest and others!<br>

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