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Fragmentation Grenade

A round grenade that will deal 2 points of damage to an opponent within the blast range. A burst of black smoke is scene nearby accompanied by a loud sound. Being close to a grenade but within a safe distance will darken your screen and make your ears ring temporarily.

Flashbang Grenade

Flashbang grenades will make you temporarily blind from a bright flash and will make your ears ring and muffle sounds near you. You can still move at this time.

Smoke Grenade

Smoke Grenades will create a large cloud of smoke that can be used as effective cover.

Body Armor

Body armor—which can be chosen as a gear option when creating a loadout—covers the user’s torso, but is not visible to other players.

Body armor will never have any effect against armor piercing (AP) ammo. Full metal jacket (FMJ) ammo, however, will never do any damage through armor, with the one exception that is bolt-action rifles, whose FMJ ammo currently acts as AP ammo. FMJ-Tracer acts the same as FMJ, but also leaves a visible tracer effect. Body armor also blocks knife damage.

Currently—though we expect a change to this—you can take either of the belt-fed machine guns with FMJ ammo and pour 200 rounds into the torso of an enemy that is wearing body armor without dealing any damage.

See Ammo Type for more details on ammo's interaction with Body Armor.
Does not change damage done by grenades.
Knives will also do no damage to the chest if body armor is equipped.