G17 Pistol

  • General

Damage: Standard Damage (1 to legs/arms, 2 to torso, 3 to head)

  • Firing Modes

Semiautomatic: Yes

  • Ammunition

Capacity: 17
Number of Magazines FMJ Loaded/Inventory: 1/3 (total 4)

  • Weapon Features

Bolt Hold Open: Yes Drop Free Magazine: Yes How to Eject Magazine: Press down on trackpad or move stick down and press in
How to Chamber After Magazine Reload: Press forward on trackpad or move stick forward and press in

Note: pistols cannot use AP ammo, meaning that these weapons will never deal torso damage to enemies that are wearing body armor. This is expected to see some changes in future releases. When body armor blocks damage, an audible “tink” sound can be heard by anyone nearby.