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Release Notes

May 31,2019

Onward ‘Reloaded’ update has finally arrived! The team has been hard at work putting together new content and refreshing the visuals of the game and the time has come to share it with you. In the interest of providing the best quality we can, we will be staggering the release of maps to ensure that each one gets the proper amount of attention- Onward wouldn’t be what it is without you and you deserve the best we can give.

Map Rollout Schedule:

Today: We are releasing a selection of Onward’s existing maps; Bazaar Day & Night, Cargo, Shooting Range, Suburbia Day & Night, Subway, and Tanker.

Early Next Week -We will see the release of the rest of the classic Onward maps; Downfall Day & Night, Quarantine Day & Night, and Jungle.

At the End of Next Week - We will include two new nighttime map variants and our newest map for 1.6; Snowpeak Day & Night, Abandoned Day & Night, Turbine.

Turbine: This hydroelectric dam provides power for the region and serves as a strategic chokepoint that each faction strives to control. MARSOC and Volk forces control opposite ends of the dam. It's time to break the stalemate.

We are all extremely excited for you to experience all the updates to our core content as well as the new additions. We hope you all enjoy this ‘Reloaded’ update and we can’t wait to see you in Onward!

Main Additions recap:


  • We’ve made controller keybinds more intuitive for WMR devices.


  • The Index controllers will be officially supported in Onward upon release. Picking up objects and interacting with weapons and equipment will still be the same as before, but you will now be able to move every finger individually when your hands aren’t holding anything.


  • For people who want to customize their input, you will soon be able to rebind all of Onward's input commands in SteamVR in v1.6. This also allows us to support many new devices and control schemes, such as with Windows Mixed Reality.


  • We’ve recently been working on a new option for Onward that will allow users with Inside-Out-Tracked VR setups to accurately aim and enjoy the game in a similar fashion to existing VR setups, called “Virtual Gunstock Mode”. There can be tracking deadzones with Inside-Out-Tracked VR headsets, and without this option players can sometimes lose track of their dominant hand when aiming. This new option helps to solve this issue so all players can enjoy the intense gameplay of Onward without tracking problems.

The v1.6 update will contain these major features :

  • A new animation system, including improved running animation, and a brand new crawling animation
  • More realistic eyes on player models
  • Better lighting / realtime shadows
  • Various performance improvements
  • A complete visual update of the existing maps
  • An updated loadout UI, including weapon stats and details
  • New models for the AK-12 and M16A4 rifles
  • A new watch model, plus the option to wear it on the inside of your wrist
  • A new killhouse course in the Shooting Range
  • Better support for WMR controllers
  • A virtual gunstock option
  • Index controller support

You will be able to expect these following features in the near future!

  • Blood decals
  • Newly reworked and improved scopes
  • More player slots in Operations lobbies, along with improved AI and additions to Co-Op
  • Ammo boxes for Support roles
  • New red dot sight : Aimpoint and PKA-S
  • A brand new map: Turbine



  • Greatly improved the visuals with more accurate lighting, realistic shadows, and a new post-processing stack.
  • Added a virtual gunstock option.
  • Made throwing objects more consistent across all headsets and smoother through deadzones. If you would like to enable the old “vanilla” throwing options, launch the game with the “vanillathrow” launch parameter.
  • Improved the player animations.
  • Added a killhouse section to the Shooting Range.
  • Replaced the M16A4 and AK12 with in-house made models.
  • Updated the SteamVR integration, allowing users to create their own binds more easily.
  • Added support for Index controllers and individual finger tracking for gestures.
  • Improved WMR controller support.
  • Netcode optimizations and improvements.
  • Greatly optimized game performance.
  • Replaced the watch model.
  • Added an option to rotate the in-game watch to the inside of a player's wrist.


  • Unity 2018.3.10 upgrade, enabling the use of single pass instanced rendering.
  • Added two new Main menu scenes.
  • Improved the Loadout UI and added weapon stats to the loadout screen.
  • Updated weapon textures for Famas / M1014 / M39 EMR.
  • Added an option to sprint when joystick / trackpad is on the outer edge.
  • Added an option to place the watch inside your wrist.
  • Generally improve spectating performance by enabling occlusion culling on non-main cameras and turning off some special effects.
  • Tweaked the pistol mag poses to make them easier to insert into the pistols.
  • Added haptic animation to knife stabbing.
  • Added ballistic shield weight simulation.
  • Improved chambering a round when bolt was already locked back.
  • Improved the M249 and PKM reloading experience.
  • Improved performance when holstering shotgun shell boxes by re-using existing shells.
  • Disabled the +1 timeout button in ESL ruleset games in the very first round.
  • Implemented a function to have a lobby refresh its information before proceeding to join.
  • Replaced the crashed helicopter model with an in-house made model.
  • Improved Pimax support with culling on the outer edges of the field of view.


  • Fixed movement speed being affected by framerate.
  • Reset the player that last damaged you when you get healed from a downed state. no longer dole out teamkills if a teammate wounds you and then you click exit to tent.
  • Fixed tasers not ending rounds or infracting team-down using them, and also fixed game syncing issues when players join mid-game.
  • Fixed C4 explosions being offset upwards, causing explosions to not damage properly when stuck to ceilings.
  • Fixed C4 not affecting shooting range targets.
  • Fixed knives not affecting shooting range targets, C4, or molotovs.
  • Potential fix for spectators hearing dead player voices.
  • Spectator kill feed now shows the last weapon and last damage type that hit you before you suicide by exiting to menu, since that person gets kill credit. Also added kill feed support for RPGs, M203 underbarrel grenades, and Stun Gun.
  • Moved the front grip on the AK5C to fix a recurring complaint regarding letting go of the grip unintentionally.
  • Fixed lobby getting stuck when countdown got cancelled.
  • Fixed players getting booted in Subway.
  • Fixed Tanker's objectives being offset on the tent map.
  • Fixed white-squares thumbnails happening at times in Desktop Spectate Mode.
  • Fixed the AK5C fire mode selector.
  • Fixed the G36C fire mode selector.
  • Fixed the audio of other players submerging in water sounding like it comes from your player.
  • Fixed resetting loadouts when having a red dot selected on pistols.
  • Fixed long team names not fitting in the losing dialog for spectators.
  • Fixed no fireteam leader in uplink assault if a team of only Volk starts the game.

Jan 31, 2019

New Map: Snowpeak

  • A snowy base atop Russia’s highest peaks has since been forgotten by military intelligence until recently. Volk have set up camp and are rebuilding it for their purposes. MARSOC have been tasked to destroy it.

New Gamemode: Uplink Assault

  • The core features of our flagship gamemode, but with respawns!
  • 5v5 gamemode on large maps.
  • Marsoc have 20 shared respawn tickets. They win by getting to the Uplink, inputting the code, and defending the Uplink while the code is sent.
  • Volk have infinite respawns. They win by making Marsoc run out of tickets, or successfully defending the Uplink for the entire round.
  • Once Marsoc have initiated the Uplink send, the objective will make a sound. Volk can cancel the send process via their tablet with a code.
  • Both teams have multiple spawn locations they can choose from, and Marsoc has a Fireteam Leader in their squad that they can spawn directly on.
  • Both teams have a radio in the tent which they can use to communicate with their squad while waiting for their respawn.

Rotating Social Gamemodes

  • Every two weeks, there will be a different casual gamemode available. Our first was spooky Spec Ops released for Halloween. Spec Ops will be making a return, but for now we're introducing a new Social gamemode to try out.

New Gamemode: Gun Game

  • A 10 player free for all respawning gamemode. Climb the ladder of guns to get a kill with each of them to win.
  • Supports joining a lobby in progress and spawning in right away.

Added RPG7, M203 Grenade Launcher (frag and smoke), flare gun, and new AK-74, SKS, and Makarov models.

  • RPG (4 points): Single shot launcher. Clear backblast! Available to Volk Specialist.
  • M203 grenade launcher attachment (4 points frag, 2 points smoke): Single shot launcher. Frag and smoke grenade ammo options. Does blunt damage if it hits someone before arming distance. Available to Marsoc Specialist on the Mk18.
  • Hand smoke grenades now have white, red, and green color options.

Hand Remodel, Gestures, and improved Weapon Grips

  • Fresh new hand models.
  • Use controller buttons and capacitive touch to move fingers to make gestures (network synced across all players).
  • Unique animations for every gun trigger, barrel, and foregrip.
  • Hand grabbing objects now smoothly lerps instead of snapping to the object.


  • Main Menu: new environment
  • Server Browser now shows games with Steam and Oculus friends in them.
  • Server Browser now filters by gamemode type.
  • Added new loading screen and splash screen.
  • Guns
    • Rescaled all weapon sizes.
    • Zeroed all weapon sights.
      • Pistols: 50 meters.
      • SMG: 75 meters.
      • Rifle, LMG, holo sight, red dot sight: 100 meters.
      • 4x Scope: 150 meters.
      • 12x Scope: 200 meters.
    • Added charging handle rotation animation to G36 and G3.
    • Bolt Actions: Cycling bolt more reliable. Bolt closes automatically if near to being closed.
    • M9 updated textures.
    • Scopes: No longer function while physically pushed through the environment.
  • Night Vision: New shader. Lights up dark areas more than previously, can be blown-out by bright lights more than previously, and improved performance.
  • Setting: Added option to toggle left/right eye that renders to the monitor (previously only left eye was shown on monitor).
  • Free Roam: Added Refresh Loadout button to Tablet to respawn all items selected in tent. Get out there and practice those grenade throws!
  • Shooting Range: Now has moving targets
  • UI: Server browser now shows player list of lobby that is hovered.
  • UI: Haptics added to hovering over interactable elements.
  • UI: During private game map vote, non-host players can see what map and gamemode are selected.
  • Grenade: Can no longer pull pins on grenade during setup period.
  • Water: Be safe, you can now drown.
  • Fire: You can catch on fire if you stay in it too long. Being near an exploding Molotov will also set you on fire. Stop, drop, and roll! (literally, it puts out the fire)
  • Spec Ops: Ammo boxes have a chance to spawn a flare gun for Marsoc.
  • Shooting Range: Expanded west boundary of map to allow for longer range sniper practice.
  • Objectives on the tent map have larger, less ambiguous icons.
  • Maps renamed to time of day instead of numbers.
    • Suburbia1 -> Suburbia (Day), Suburbia2 -> Suburbia (Night).
    • Abandoned: Moved Uplink spawn locations to better use the buildings on the map
  • Upgraded to Unity 2018.2.


  • Mk16 now uses a 30 round mag.
  • C4 cost increased from 2 to 3.
  • C4 damage no longer reduced by other player bodies.
  • Upper chest bullet damage multiplier increased from 2.3 to 2.31 (SKS and M39 can now one-shot kill instead of just one-shot down).
  • Blocked off many exploitable areas across all maps.


  • Physics: Simplified pickup collision to reduce physics processing. Improved network sync to reduce jitter in pickups on the ground.
  • Lighting: Improved GPU performance of lighting from weapon attachments.
  • Tablet: Mini map rendering performance improved drastically.
  • Smoke Grenade: Particles changed for improved rendering performance.
  • Audio: Reduced memory consumption and increased CPU performance when loading new audio.
  • Optimize bullet casing physics and rendering cost.


  • Players are prevented from joining a game or picking a team when the host is loading into the game.
  • Oculus: Fixed throwing velocity being incorrect when player was moving.
  • Tent: Loadout, switching pistols now preserves attachments from previous pistol.
  • Tent: Fixed spectate screen freezing when leaving the screen then returning to the screen.
  • Tent: Fixed spectate screen not showing Uplink model.
  • Tent: Fixed loadout UI blocked by ballistic shield.
  • Tablet: Fixed finger wiggling rapidly if pointed at edge of screen.
  • Pickups: Fixed bouncing up and down when on the ground.
  • Revive: Fixed being revived only picking up 3 of your magazines instead of all the ones you dropped (an extreme problem when being revived holding a shotgun only giving you 3 rounds).
  • Syringe: Fixed heal detection being difficult and inconsistent.
  • Guns: Fixed placement of round in chamber on several guns.
  • Guns: Fixed some slide and bolts sounds being out of sync from visuals.
  • Five Seven: Fixed having incorrect round visuals in magazine.
  • M9: Fixed slide not moving all the way to the rear of the pistol.
  • Magazines: Fixed ammo count inside magazines not always being in sync between all players.
  • Escort: VIP was missing unique icon on the Tablet.
  • C4: Fixed floating above surfaces when attached to them.
  • Molotov: Fixed bottle breaking in hand when grabbing other objects from vest.
  • Grenade: Fixed explosion FX disappearing when grenade is deleted.
  • Night Vision: Fixed toggling on/off sometimes causing tablet player dots to all be white.
  • Subway: Fixed holes in the floor.

Oct 27,2018

Spec Ops: New gamemode!


  • Ammo is low, you'll want to check for nearby ammo boxes
  • Coordinate with your team to survive, equipped with your kitted out sidearms
  • Survive the Volk attack


  • You're faster, quieter and can see further than MARSOC, but have only a knife
  • Looting ammo boxes yields a chance of finding a flash grenade
  • Coordinate attacks with looted equipment to overwhelm and/or outsmart MARSOC before the time runs out

Featured Updates

  • Added new Spec Ops gamemode
  • New equipment: C4 and Clacker. More-deadly explosive than a frag grenade. Sticks to surfaces. Use the clacker to blow it up. Available for Volk Specialist class. C4 will be unable to blow up if near the Uplink (will show red light)

New equipment: Molotov and Lighter. Good damage, area denial device. Fire spreads out from the blast zone. Available for Volk Specialist class Multiple attachments allowed on a gun. Previously, you were limited to one sight and one front attachment (foregrip, bipod, etc). Now, you can have as many front attachments as your gun can hold.

  • Pistol Attachments! Red dot sight, suppressor, laser sight, and flashlight. Not all pistols have access to all attachments
  • New SA80 gun model
  • New pistol: Five-Seven. Volk pistol replacing the USP. Can equip all new attachments and has a 20-round magazine
  • New UI. Main menu, tent, and tablet UI redone.
  • Subway revamp:
    • This map has been expanded to be more competitively balanced, opening up more access points that allow new strategies!
    • Service tunnels below the main Subway lead to 3 possible new entry/exit points.
    • A new Subway entrance has been opened on the street level alleyways for a 4th new entry/exit point.
    • Balance has been adjusted for Volk spawn points accordingly to place Volk closer to objectives at round start.


  • Watch: Now plays a notification beeping sound when there’s 30 seconds left in the round on every game mode. Only you hear your own watch beep. Other players will not hear your watch beep and know where you are
  • Main Menu: Changed to night theme for halloween event
  • Competitive only: Round reset adjusted to always be 10 seconds after spawn countdown is finished
  • Competitive only: Players will now see a small symbol on the watch to indicate round reset ruling is still active


  • AI: Disabled heavy armored AI spawn on Rookie
  • Frag Grenade: Now has a small instant-kill blast radius. Previously only did enough damage to down a full-health player in blast radius
  • Flashlights: Are now much more effective at blinding players on night maps and against players actively using night vision
  • Tablet hack: time to generate password reduced from 15 seconds to 5 seconds
  • Objectives: Teams will take turn to play the same objective (with random attacker spawns) in public lobbies now. Previously only in comp lobbies
  • Objectives: Lobbies will now pick a new objective at random until all objectives have been played in order to help prevent duplicate picks
  • Competitive only: Volk will receive 2 points if MARSOC run out of time
    • New watch beep will help to indicate team is running low on time
  • Map round lengths have been adjusted accordingly:

Map	      Round Length

Abandoned 8 minutes
Downfall 6 minutes
Quarantine 6 minutes
Subway 6 minutes
Tanker 5 minutes
Bazaar 5 minutes
Suburbia 4 minutes
Jungle 4 minutes
Cargo 4 minutes


  • Player: Cold-breath particles now emit from player mouth instead of their feet
  • Competitive: Fixed objectives not mirroring
  • VR spectator: Changed player name and outline colours to match the orange/blue
  • Clutter: All players will now see the same objects for clutter. This will prevent bouncing and rolling on clutter spawn
  • Operations: Potential fix for teleporting AI opponents
  • Abandoned: Freeroam spawns fixed.

Observer fixes and updates

  • Victory screen will show a little sooner
  • When 1st person spectating, if player dies, the game will wait a second then jump to spectate the player that killed them
  • Jump to the last player who fired with the G hotkey
  • -novr launch parameter should no longer prompt a tutorial if the PC hasn’t ran the game in VR before
  • Map dots will now be below the victory screen

Aug 24,2018

Featured Updates

  • New Map: Abandoned A large overgrown forest with forlorn operating bases and rough terrain. Volk and MARSOC vie to gain the upper hand and lay claim of this strategic piece of land.
  • New Attachment: Bipods available for all marksman and automatic rifleman weapons. Deploy, snap to ground, and open fire.
  • New Equipment: Stun Gun and Hacking Tablet available to Marsoc specialist. Comes with a laser sight and one shot. Get up close and stun your enemies. Use the hacking tablet to locate your enemies on the map.If Volk drops a tablet (they throw it away, they get downed, they exit to tent) then that tablet is hackable. If that player dies, the tablet gets locked
  • New Equipment: Drones available to Marsoc Marksman (and on all PvE loadouts). Deploy the drone with your tablet and use the camera feed to locate targets.

Control Scheme:

    • Can grab tablet with two hands now
    • Elevation: left/right trigger buttons
    • Forward/Backward and Left/Right movement: left touchpad/thumbstick
    • Drone yaw and camera pitch: right touchpad/thumbstick
    • There are options for swapping left/right touchpad/thumbstick behavior and for inverting camera pitch
  • Tablet: New model, Volk/Marsoc colors, can be two-handed (used for drone control), hacking and drone control attachment variants


  • Performance: Greatly improved IK calculation CPU cost which should lead to better overall performance.
  • Scope Improvements
    • Increased Marsoc 4x Scope model size. Is now closer to its real world equivalent. Scope lens ends up being closer to player's eye than before
    • Vignette is easier to control. Now it "snaps" to the center when you get close to lining up your eye with the lens.
    • Parallax effect reduced on all 4x and 12x scopes
    • Scope reticle texture is no longer affected by texture quality (will always be high resolution)
  • Center marker: Added an optional in-game center marker to help players remain in the middle of their playable space (and oriented if need be) when playing Onward.
  • Round time: Round times can now be flexible. Currently only Abandoned has a longer round time (8 minutes), but we will consider changes for other maps. Please let us know your thoughts!
  • Smoke Grenades: Particles redone to be more performant
  • Shield: Rotation is now networked, what you see is what everyone sees
  • Tablet: Holstering is now more consistent. If the Tablet is behind your head when you let go it will attempt to holster
  • Guns: Added the ability to interact with other player's flashlights, laser sights, and bipods
  • Guns: Spawning with 12x scope now defaults firemode to semi-auto if available
  • Guns: Rotation is now networked, what you see is what everyone sees
  • LMG: Change mag remove behavior to only require LMG top to be up (belt no longer has to be removed)
  • Guns: Added "double click" behavior to holstering. Letting go of trigger hand, and then letting go of barrel/foregrip hand will now attempt to holster weapon using the trigger hand (previously would drop the weapon if the barrel/foregrip hand was far from the holster)
  • Guns: Bolt action mags have higher grab priority than bolt when trying to drop mag out of gun
  • M39 and SVD no longer have bolt release buttons, but still lock bolt back on last round
  • Mk17 STANAG support removed (different caliber)
  • Map Vote: Public lobbies now vote on a selection of 6 maps. Players can vote for the maps shown, or vote to refresh the choices with new ones
  • Map Vote: When a majority of the lobby have voted, the countdown will reduce to 5 seconds
  • Map Vote: Private lobbies no longer have a vote. Instead, the lobby leader is given full choice of map and gamemode and can start the next map immediately
  • Operations: Volk pistols added to player loadouts in PvE mode
  • Suburbia: Short bushes can now be walked through
  • Tablet: Added negative audio sound when attempting to send incorrect code
  • Settings: Left/right eye preference setting added

currently only functions to help spectate cams know which eye you’ll be using for scopes but will likely be used for other things in the future


  • Audio: Fixed master volume not affecting splash screen
  • AI: Fixed alive AI despawning players
  • Player: Disabled players being able to walk inside each other using game movement, causing both player models to jump up in the air
  • Player: As part of the IK calculation improvement, player models will now be fully networked, which will fix the de-sync issues we previously had (league banned spots need not be banned anymore!)
  • Player: Player models shouldn’t spin around randomly when the player is running and should generally be a bit more reliable. There still is a known aesthetic issue with crouching which will be addressed in a future update
  • Player: Stacking has been disabled until we are able to implement a more reliable method
  • Main Menu: Fixed server browser next button continuing into empty pages
  • Magazine: Fixed empty ejected magazines being grabbable from any distance and seeming to appear from mag holster
  • Magazine: Fixed joining a game in progress causing magazines to spawn very far away and slowly move to insert into guns
  • Guns: Fixed incorrect fire selector animations on M16, AKM, AK74
  • Guns: Fixed fire mode selector being incorrect on spawn for some weapons
  • Guns: Fixed grabbing a bolt that was already locked back causing weapon to animate bolt forward and backward quickly
  • Lasers: fixed first frame laser being very wide and then getting smaller
  • Syringe: Fixed used syringe incorrectly being re-holstered if you were holding a used syringe when you got downed, and then got revived
  • Pickups: Fixed being unable to grab your gear if you were downed, another player grabbed your gear and dropped it, then you were revived
  • Downfall: Fixed occlusion problems popping small props in/out of vision
  • Downfall: Fixed barbed wire blocking bullets
  • Downfall2: Removed grass near ‘Volk tower’
  • Tent: First person spectating should be a lot closer to where the player is looking, and should see their viewpoint through gun meshes a lot less frequently
  • Tent: Fixed some guns and attachments not appearing the same in loadout previews as they do when spawned-in
  • Tent: Drawing board pens now have physics when thrown and can be used by either hand
  • Competitive: Volk suicide using a grenade now counts towards the suicide penalty
  • Competitive: Lobbies will auto-start between rounds after a 2 minute timer to help enforce quicker planning phases. Auto-start can be cancelled by lobby leader.
  • Oculus: Fix loading scene texture incorrectly being affected by texture quality setting


New additions

  • Fully operational without VR running! Use launch option -novr to boot the game without the need for VR. You can then close and disconnect your VR hardware.

We’ll soon be able to make it so you don’t need VR software even installed.

  • Hide map hotkey (CTRL + M)
  • Hide all UI button/hotkey (escape)
  • Left/right eye player preference can be overridden with left/right arrow keys when spectating a player
  • Freecam movement has become more smoothed to allow for better viewing experience
  • Freecam movement now has a button to allow it to continue floating on the last velocity. Hold down the middle mouse button and tweak your movement to achieve panning/slow shots.

You can also hold down the middle mouse button and shift to unlock the max speed and whizz across maps when needed

  • Right mouse button is now effectively a brake for the freecam, use in conjunction with the middle mouse button to slow down panning shots
  • Freecam now has cinematic zoom! Use mousewheel up and down and a zoom slider has been added to choose your preferred zoom amount
  • Camera positions are now stored per map! Observers can choose to import their saved cams when joining a lobby (communicate between multiple observers to decide whose setup to use, as they will be overwritten once imported)
  • Camera positions will now also be shared amongst other observers joining at any time
  • Changed team name editing to a dialogue box for easier editing, this is now also synced across all observers
  • Added an option to alter the in game score. This must only be used in the event of a bug or lobby re-host to keep the correct scores from the last lobby as it affects the score for players also
  • Added grenade trails. This can be toggled on and off with the “Visibility” button/hotkey (V)
  • Added a kill feed. This will show the last 5 downs, kills, headshots, resses and tablet hacks and slowly fade out
  • Added ability to jump straight into first person cam when looking at a player. A small white circle will appear when this is possible and players can use R on the keyboard to spectate
  • Frame rate has been capped to 60fps to help with performance
  • Added new screen for casters! This screen will have a scoreboard, team scores, large map and a kill feed on it. This is intended mainly for offline events but will be able to be moved to a second monitor once multi-monitor is implemented for the observer setup. The scoreboard names will flash when shooting and darken when dead


  • No more performance drops when players spawn in. Performance should remain solid throughout
  • First person spectating: When returning to free cam from first person spectating, the camera should keep the previous orientation, and move slightly behind and above the player’s head
  • First person spectating: Now able to exit first person spectating directly into a saved camera position by using the position’s keyboard hotkey
  • First person spectating: Player names should now remain visible when spectating a player
  • Map: Made player dots slightly larger and disabled colour changes due to damage
  • Map: Player dots now have a small red wave around them when the player is being damaged
  • Map: Shouldn’t need to be refreshed again (hopefully!)
  • Map: Fixed FOV lines being offset
  • Map: Mouse is now hidden when fullscreen
  • Player: Removed outlines when players are dead
  • Player: Moved player name to follow head so when players crouched it moves with them. Downed players will have the name below them
  • Scoreboard: Now fully functional at all times
  • UI: Increased minimum mouse smoothing slider value to stop less mouse ‘bouncing’
  • Lobby: Upped observer slots to 6 people
  • Lobby: Fixed issue where observers couldn’t join full lobbies
  • Tent: Fixed needing to press enter twice to go into freecam on first join

June 7, 2018

Hotfix v1.2.3

  • Oculus: Reverted a change to controller velocity that caused difficulty in throwing objects quickly
  • Fixed Suburbia3 incorrectly having Escort mode
  • Removed Escort mode from Cargo

Hotfix v1.2.2


  • Downfall and Suburbia now have 3 variants instead of 2.
    • Downfall1/Suburbia1: Original daytime lighting from v1.1
    • Downfall2/Suburbia2: Nighttime variants
    • Downfall3/Suburbia3: Afternoon/dusk variants that were added in v1.2
  • Graphics: Added some brightness/contrast post-processing to improve visuals
  • Player: Lowered the height that the vest starts rotating. Vest should now be less-rotated when in a crouched position
  • Player: Tweaked player collider slightly to better support players using each other to boost onto scenery objects
  • Player: Exit button (Vive menu, Oculus B/Y) now only appears when the hand pressing the button has nothing in it (was a problem if holding weapon in non-dominant hand, press exit button to close bolt but it also popped up the exit)
  • Ammo Holster: now shows secondary mags while no weapons in hand or holster and primary mag holster is empty (previously only showed primary mags even if there were none)
  • Casting setup: Added speed slider for the flycam movement


  • Shotguns: Buckshot falloff adjusted to be more damaging at close range
  • Shotguns: Fire rate increased


  • Player: Fixed networked players bouncing up and down rapidly when on slopes/stairs
  • Oculus SDK: Fixed an issue which resulted in players not being able to throw objects consistently (soon to be applied to SteamVR version also)
  • Anti-exploit: Fixed an exploit which allowed players to climb up buildings using external software
  • Gun Grip: Fixed grip letting go when trigger hand gets too close to front grip
  • Gun Grip: Fixed proximity grip not releasing correctly when pressing grab button
  • Gun: Fixed being able to shoot your hand while it was holding the barrel/foregrip
  • Tablet: Fixed map image not rotating correctly when on a perfectly flat surface
  • Cargo: Fixed some objects not rendering on scopes
  • SA80 now correctly labeled as SA80 LSW variant

May 11, 2018

Featured Updates

  • New Map: Cargo
    • We used to have a very different version of Tanker in the game, before our re-make of it. A lot of the community felt that the replacement wasn’t true to the original (given that the layout had drastically changed. We heard the feedback, and felt it was a good time bring that layout back with an improved location and lighting, so here’s Cargo!
  • New Map: Bazaar2
    • A night-time version of Bazaar, complete with lit up neon signs! It’s terrifying on Operations.
  • Lighting Improvements
    • All maps have had their lighting redone to take advantage of performance improvements and new Unity features. Notable improvements:
      • Improved specular lighting: metal objects, especially weapons, have a much more metallic look instead of the previous matte finish
      • Interior lighting for Downfall 1 & 2
      • Scope glint
  • Inventory Refactor
    • Ambidextrous! All pickups can be pickup up, dropped, swapped between hands and shared between players. Dominant hand no longer matters in determining which hand can grab what
    • Added Hold to Grip option!
      • We highly recommend this for players using an Oculus Rift
    • You can hold two objects at the same time
    • Not including primary or secondary weapons
    • Downed/dead AI and players drop all their pickups, and you can loot their dropped gear
    • Holstered grenades are now visible on other player vests
    • Interchangeable magazines: Some magazines can be inserted and fired from multiple weapons. Most Marsoc rifles use STANAG mags and will be interchangeable. Full list of mag support at the bottom of the patch notes
    • Some things you can now do:
      • You can grab and throw live smoke grenades
      • A teammate gets downed, you can pick up their syringe and revive them with it
      • Steal weapons and equipment from downed enemy combatants
      • Pull the pin on a grenade but leave the spoon attached, you can pass the grenade to your other hand or another player without the spoon flying off
      • You can keep your weapon out with one hand while you use your other hand to check your Tablet
      • You can put magazines in your holstered guns, other player’s holstered guns, or other player’s guns they are currently holding
      • In Escort, sacrifice your gear to get the VIP better-equipped to survive
      • You can have a primary weapon holstered while having a different primary weapon in your hands
  • Added TAR-21 and weapon remodels
    • Replaced M9, M1014, and G36c models with in-house created ones
    • Added TAR-21 rifle to Volk Specialist loadout
  • Easy Anti-Cheat delayed
    • Unfortunately we encountered some very last minute issues with EAC which could have prevented a large portion of our playerbase from being able to play the game. On that note we’ve had to delay the release of EAC until a later date. This will be introduced in the final update.
  • Competitive gamemode improvements
    • Each class can only be used by one player at a time
    • Game mode on map vote will only show the currently played one
    • Objective/Spawn behavior changed. Teams will take turns defending/attacking the same objective before changing to a new objective (ex. Volk defends objective A, Marsoc spawns at a random spawn. The round ends, teams swap factions, and Volk still defends objective A, and Marsoc spawns at a random spawn)
    • Turned off random weather events
    • Based on community feedback, suiciding/exiting as the last player on Volk (after the round reset ruling) will give Marsoc 2 points. We’ve replaced the suicide with the ability to destroy the Uplink dish (only as the last alive player left on Volk). This can be done by inputting a code on the tablet and waiting for a progress bar. The further you are from the objective, the longer this will take to send (signal bars will indicate this). While it’s sending, the objective will beep franticly, and once sent it will shutdown, giving Marsoc 1 point.
    • On both comp and non-comp lobbies (but affecting comp more), the map will be visible with the objective location in the tent prior to spawn, to allow players to plan accordingly

  • Upgraded Oculus Utilities to 1.22
    • Oculus users should see a GPU performance improvement[]

  • Multiplayer Free Roam
    • We’ve extended the Free Roam gamemode to be available in private multiplayer lobbies. This is intended for players to be able to explore and/or learn the maps together, plan strategies and create content. We’re considering making changes to this mode in an upcoming patch to help target it more for our intended usage (instead of it being used as a TDM). However, it’s worth noting that we aren’t ruling out gamemodes with respawns for the future. If introduced, we would be sure to implement it in such a way that it wouldn't take away from what we consider to be the ‘core’ Onward experience.

  • Casting improvements
    • Cameras will be hidden by default until space is held
    • Loading message added to freecam view between maps
    • Voice sliders, team names over cams and spectating text are all color coded now
    • Hotkeys added to jump to and cycle through alive players through team 1 and 2 (hotkeys are - and + respectfully)
    • Hotkeys added to spectate individual players on each team (if they are alive) - keypad numbers 1 - 5 for team 1, CTRL + keypad numbers for team 2. If no keypad is available, ALT + alpha numbers, or CTRL + ALT + alpha numbers.
    • Colored dots have been added under the scores to indicate how many players alive/down/dead on each team at a glance. This is useful for knowing which player you want to spectate
    • Mouse smoothing setting is saved between rounds & sessions
    • Main menus can now be navigated using keyboard. Can now get into a casting lobby without touching a VR headset or controller.
    • Chat volume sliders affect lobby voices too
    • Free roam cam locks mouse into window (no more edge snapping!)
    • Better scoreboard setup
    • Potential fix for cams turning white
    • Added reset cams button which should solve any cam problems if they arise


  • Radio: Added physical radio object which will drop by your feet when you get downed. This can be seen through any other meshes and allows players to always be able to reach it (as opposed to a ragdolled body, which was inconsistent)
  • Added semi-transparent hands when downed, to help with interacting with the aforementioned radio
  • Settings: Wristwatch hand preference can now be set in the settings menu
  • Settings: Gun-smoothing options have now been introduced in the settings menu. Stock and/or snap-turn users may want to try these out
  • Tent: Added a drawing board with some pens to uplink, operations & escort! Drawings will only be shared with your current team and will reset at the end of each round
    • Drawing board also has a secret pen. We won’t tell you how to get it
  • Tent: Added military base surroundings
  • Tent: Enemy players are now shown on the map in non-competitive lobbies
    • Enemy players could already be seen from flying VR spectate camera
  • Tent: Dead players now have white noise on spectate screen to indicate loss of signal (to help prevent ghosting in comp lobbies)
  • Tent: Added cross symbol next to player names to indicate that player has been downed
  • Tent: Moved Exit button to the back
  • Haptics added to many weapons/pickup interactions (pickup up, dropping, throwing, interacting, fire-mode toggle, drop/insert mag)
  • Audio: Added audio to grabbing, holstering, and throwing items
  • AI: AI can now spawn with lasers (night maps only), holo and red dot sights equipped
  • Ammo boxes: Will now contain equipment in addition to mags. The mags will be based on the weapons you currently have holstered and/or held. Only you can see the gear until you pull it out, then it can be shared
  • Free Roam: Added ammo boxes
  • Shooting range: The ammo boxes on the shooting range can now spawn more gear by closing and re-opening them. Removed the pile of mags
  • Shooting Range: Added some screens which will show the last target you hit with weapon fire
  • Server browser: Added some basic info for each lobby as a pop-up box when hovering over
  • Night Vision: Now lights up the surrounding area with an IR light. Will be a lot more useful on dark maps. Nobody else can currently see this light (for performance reasons, though this may change in future)
  • Tablet: Added signal bars to indicate when the uplink/destroy code can be send
  • Ballistic Shield: Can now stop pickups thrown at it
  • Ballistic Shield: Kills caused by grenades bouncing off your shield are attributed to you
  • Additional anti-cheat/exploit behavior
  • Tutorial: reworded to accommodate new control options
  • Operations: AI can no longer see through hedges on Suburbia
  • Updated to Unity 2017.3
  • Removed DirectX9 support. This should not affect any users. Support for DX9 willl be officially removed from Unity in the near future and current versions of SteamVR and OVR don't support DX9.
  • Updated Quality settings
    • Lowest - Quarter res textures, 2x MSAA and low res shadows
    • Low - Half res textures, 4x MSAA and medium res shadows
    • Medium - Full res textures, 4x MSAA and medium res shadows
    • High - Full res textures, 8x MSAA and high res shadows
      • The shadow resolution change will only affect realtime lights


  • Downfall: Added lights to interiors to reduce Volk advantage of having black camo inside buildings
  • Downfall & Quarantine: Fire now causes damage over time. Prevents Volk hiding in crashed heli
  • Artificial turning: Snap turns will now have a delay (and smooth turning slowed down) based on whether you’re stood, crouching or prone.
  • AI: Nudged player and AI spawns on Jungle and Quarantine to prevent getting shot at on spawn
  • M40A5: Increased magazine count from 3 to 6 to balance with the SV-98. SV-98 has 10-round mags and M40A5 only has 5-round mags
  • Extended grenade blocker time for competitive lobbies to better match up with the Onward Master League’s ruling


  • Improved victory/defeat condition code to stop potential issues with round ending problems
  • Fixed issue where leftover smoke from smoke grenades would persist between rounds
  • Uplink: Fixed being able to play the same objective placement three times in a row
  • Uplink: Fixed occurrence where the uplink could be sent without the tablet being fully inside the signal region
  • AI Game Modes: fixed “dumpster spawn” that occurred when gamemode was changed while spawning
  • Connection: Increased timeout length for network traffic to help prevent random disconnects for users on WiFi and/or less stable connections
  • Player: Fixed vest fidgeting while sprinting
  • Player: Improved "push back" when putting head through walls to fix improper behavior around complicated geometry
  • Player: Snap and smooth turns now rotate you on the spot. This will prevent players rotating into walls/out of the map. Previously rotated around room center, and then attempted to reposition the player
  • Player: Fixed vest being visible if quit to lobby and started spectating
  • Player: Fixed occurrences which could lead to players falling through the map
  • Player: Fixed occurrence which could lead to spawning in with a black screen and flies
  • Player: Fixed very close objects clipping through white flashbang and fade to black visual effects
  • Player: Fixed being able to move through walls in playspace when downed
  • Player: Fixed night vision lenses being very visible through smoke grenade particles
  • Radio: Fixed occurrence where one or more players would not be audible on the radio
  • Shooting Range: Fixed getting stuck when respawning on hills
  • Shooting Range: Fixed problem with players not having audible proximity voice
  • Tent: Fixed players being unable to hear you until the end of the round if you join while it’s in progress
  • Tent: Highlighted VR goggles when available, to help highlight to players that they are functional
  • Tent: Fixed issue with spectating screen going black when someone leaves the lobby
  • Fixed breath particles on cold maps not appearing in correct position for non-local players
  • Fixed rare case of playing the same objective 3 times in a row if host left
  • Fixed ammo boxes incorrectly being visible in some Uplink lobbies
  • Weapon: Fixed weapons not firing the same direction across all clients. This was not affecting how damage was dealt or hits determined, but bullet holes and impact effects will now be in the same position for all clients.
  • Exploit: Fixed exploit related to running across playspace & snap/smooth turning
  • Bazaar: Improved white van collision near center of map (large area in front of van and gaps below van were incorrectly blocking bullets)
  • Quarantine: Fixed LOD terrain issues
  • Bazaar & Downfall: Fixed bad collision with white van
  • Inventory Fixes
    • Knife: Can no longer deal damage through walls
    • Syringe: Can no longer be used on dead or un-wounded players
    • Syringe: Fixed incorrectly being able to be used on you while you are not bleeding (syringes only stop bleeding, they do not add health)
    • Syringe: Fixed healing sometimes causing a lag spike for all players
    • Syringe: Fixed accidental healing when trying to holster syringe
    • Ammo Box: Fixed grabbing mags from ammo boxes being difficult
    • Ammo Box: Mags taken from ammo box will now be visible to all players
    • Gun: Re-grabbing a weapon that is only held by barrel/foregrip is no longer as difficult
    • Gun: Fixed unwanted firing of primary weapon while holstering (if holding weapon in just offhand, holding down trigger button to use radio, let go of offhand, dominant hand would snap back to weapon and begin firing as it was being holstered)
    • Gun: Fixed hand getting stuck to weapon bolt if holding onto bolt as you grab the foregrip/barrelgrip
    • Gun: Fixed being able to grab foregrip/barrelgrip while a weapon is holstering resulting in an invisible hand
    • Gun: Fixed being out of shotgun ammo but shells are still visible on vest
    • Gun: Fixed dying with weapon just in offhand causing no visible hands on respawn
    • Gun: Fixed getting stuck in hand if you died while it was only in your offhand
    • Gun: Fixed AUG laser sight disappearing/reappearing when toggled on/off
    • Gun: Fixed PKM bullet belt missing material
    • Gun: Fixed bolt action rifles not chambering a round when bolt is cycled after a new mag was inserted
    • Gun: Fixed holstered weapons always showing a mag attached regardless of if there really is a mag attached
    • Gun: Fixed attachment click on/off audio not playing in correct position on weapon
    • Ballistic Shield: Fixed stretching horizontally when revived repeatedly
    • Magazine: Fixed mags getting stuck while ejecting if another mag was inserted before the first one finished ejecting
    • Magazine: Fixed M40A5 mag incorrectly showing bullets when it is empty
    • Grenade: Fixed holding a live smoke grenade until it times-out preventing you from using smokes in the following rounds
    • Grenade: Fixed being able to unpin and un-spoon a grenade while inside a wall
    • Tablet: Fixed being able to send uplink code while tablet inside a wall
    • Hand: Fixed "broken finger" animation resulting from hand attempting to interact with things that are disabled (hand hovering over ammo, holster primary, hand could still attempt to grab ammo)
    • Hand: Can no longer use the hand/anything being held if it’s further than 1.5m from your player

  • Additional Notes
    • Full list of interchangeable mags
      • STANAG mags: Mk16, Mk17, Mk18, M16A4, FAMAS, AK5C, TAR-21, SA80
      • G3 mags: G3, G3 Auto
      • 12 gauge: SPAS12, M1014
      • AK banana mags: AK12, AK74

Dec 7,2017

Hotfix v1.1.2 December 13

  • Fixed rare case of objective not spawning for some players (usually 2D spectators)
  • Fixed being able to holster a grenade after the pin was pulled causing being unable to grab anything
  • Fixed VIP vest retaining primary weapon mags from previous spawn (although they have no weapon to use the mags with)
  • Added push to talk for desktop spectating players (defaulted to T)
  • Added round time to scoreboard when spectating in VR

Hotfix v1.1.1 December 8

  • Bazaar: Fix for Evac heli not landing
  • Loadout tent: Fixed an issue where team chat could become non-functional when players leave the game
  • Main menu: Lowered ambient and flyby sound volume by 25%
  • Competitive: Fixed an issue where players potentially wouldn't be able to join a lobby with 1 player slot open

Featured Updates

  • Spectator Modes
    • Added new VR spectating mode for non-competitive lobbies which allows any player to pick up a VR headset from the Tent table and free roam the map while the round is in progress.
    • Added new desktop spectating for competitive lobbies which allows up to two players to spectate, using mouse & keyboard
  • AI Update
    • Added AI Volk heavy soldier type armed with a machine gun and heavy armor helmet. The Volk Heavy will appear on Evac and in Hunt rounds with high AI counts
    • Co-op vs AI Operations available on all maps (Hunt and Evac missions)
      • Added to remaining maps Suburbia, Subway, Jungle


  • AI: Player loadout points allowed increased from 8 to 18. Your AI loadout is saved separately from your PvP loadout.
  • AI: Player loadouts include all primary weapons (Marsoc and Volk).
  • AI: Added weapon variety to AI forces
  • Loadout Tent: Going into teamchat will dramatically reduce other team's voice volume'
  • Turning (snap and smooth turn) enabled in main menu and Loadout Tent
  • On your vest, up to 3 mags will be visible for your selected primary weapon to display how many mags you have left (previously only 1 mag was shown unless you had no mags left)
  • Settings: Added smooth turning option (can now choose disabled, snap turns, smooth turns)
  • UI: Added hover tooltips to some Settings
  • UI: Added Volume sliders for Master and Music
  • Competitive: Introduced a new round reset mechanic. If a team fully wipes (suicide/team kill/back to tent) within 30 seconds of the round starting, the round will reset (ignoring any deaths) and retain the current score, objective location and team faction.
      • This is to address issues in competitive matches where players can have issues while spawning


  • Quarantine: vs AI, moved player spawns around (a particular player spawn was very difficult)


  • Fixed timing issue of being healed as round ended (witnessed in league match)
  • Fixed two players killing the same target at the same time awarding two kills instead of one
  • Fixed Graphics Settings incorrectly always showing "High" text regardless of saved preferences
  • Fixed small height offset that was causing player cameras to be slightly above the ground.
  • Fixed issue where players can be flashing between two positions when on slopes
  • Oculus: Fixed intro Splash Screen re-centering to incorrect rotation
  • Vive: Reverted grenade throwing velocity to how it was before v1.0
  • Quarantine: Fixed occlusion flashing on stairs that are open vs AI
  • Suburbia: Fixed grass material showing odd brown lines
  • Bazaar: Fixed incorrectly inaccessible blue room

Oct 27, 2017 (Second Half)

Featured Updates

  • New Map: JUNGLE
    • Dense jungle map for Uplink play
    • Lots of vertical gameplay with caves, bridges, and cliffs
    • Soldier camo changed to match the environment
    • This map is still a WIP and will be updated over time.
  • New Map: SUBURBIA 2
    • Night time version of Suburbia


  • New Map: Jungle
  • New Map: Suburbia 2
  • AI: Added Operations (Hunt and Evac) to Quarantine1, Quarantine2, Tanker


  • AI: Evac - Increased setup time before AI spawns


  • Oculus: fixed movement stick deadzone preventing slow movements and forcing player to move thumbstick further before starting to move
  • Syringe: Changed trigger only mechanics to prevent accidental uses when equipping and fix difficulty in holstering the syringe.
    • Before: Press trigger to equip. On trigger release, syringe is used.
    • Now: Press trigger to equip. Must release trigger before able to press trigger again to use the syringe.
  • Settings: Fixed Music On/Off not showing the correct text when toggled
  • Uplink: Fixed timing issue allowing two players to put in the code at the same time and both score

Oct 23, 2017 (First Half)

Featured Updates

  • Evac Operations Game Mode
    • New game mode for Operations vs AI (replaces the previous Defend mode)
    • Fight against never-ending reinforcements of enemies
    • Survive and escape by boarding the evac helicopter

Control Options

  • Added several control options. For new users, the control scheme will default to a more-intuitive setup than previously.
  • For existing users, a notification will prompt you for which control scheme you want to load New/Legacy. These both set different control settings that can all individually be changed at any time in Settings
  • New Options
    • Added option Knife trigger to require/not require trigger press to deal damage
      • Knife will automatically deal damage to anything that is not yourself
    • Added option to simplify syringe use to just a trigger press
      • No longer need to press touchpad/thumbstick
    • Added option for sprinting with just a single click or double click of the touchpad/thumbstick
    • Added option to change Grab Tablet button between Grip or Vive Menu/Oculus B/Y button
    • Added Snap Turn options for 30,45 degrees
      • Previously was called "Room Scale" and "Front Facing" room setups which were Disabled and 30 degree snap turns, respectively
    • Added Oculus option to change weapon buttons for Drop Mag, Firemode Toggle, and Close Bolt
      • Can now use A, B, thumbstick center

  • Escort Rebalance/Improvements
    • Evac of the VIP awards 2 points, instead of 1
    • Added multiple spawn points and objective placements to each map
      • Increase variety and fix some balancing for spawns that favored Volk
    • Added "Opt in to VIP" button when confirming loadout. VIP will be selected from the players that opted-in (if no players opt-in, will choose random as before).
    • VIP loadout changed from M9, Body Armor to G17, Body Armor, Smoke Grenade, Night Vision (if night map)
      • With the G17's larger capacity and a Smoke Grenade, we hope to improve the VIP's survivability

  • Replaced Weapons
    • M40A5 added (replaces L96) and SVD added (replaces SVU)


  • Ammo Boxes
    • Ammo boxes scattered on Operations levels
      • These are marked by an icon on the tablet and will randomize each round
    • Added piles of ammo to Shooting Range
  • Check if downed players are still alive by reaching for their body and feeling a vibration pulse (arms, neck, chest)
  • Audio: New end round music
  • Audio: New AI voice audio
  • UI: Tablet laser only enables if usable (if Marsoc on Uplink)
  • UI: Tablet shows downed players with a red cross
  • UI: Settings screen remade to be more compact
  • Tent:
    • Toggle between Team Chat and Public Chat while in the tent.
    • Death text shows how you were killed (shot, meleed, grenaded by...)
    • Host can make a different player host by hovering over their name
    • Added map vote to Operations after a few rounds
    • Added clutter


  • Reduced Night Vision loadout cost from 2 to 1
  • Increased number of mags given to Automatic Rifleman equipped with an M16 or AKM (now 7 mags total)
    • To promote Automatic Rifleman playing a suppression role
  • Removed AP ammo option to Automatic Rifleman M16 and AKM rifles


  • Highlighted
    • Fixed Anti-Cheat fading screen to black when moving down stairs and slopes
    • Fixed scope lenses being able to see through the dust storm particles
    • Fixed movement speed incorrectly being slowed when moving down slopes
    • Fixed physics speed being halved when interleaved/ASW reprojection kicks in
  • AI: Fixed an issue where AI could incorrectly persist between rounds. They should spawn after a delay
  • Tablet dots now lighten when NV is active
  • Tent: Fixed a few problems which can lead to UI disappearing when round ends
  • Input: Potential fix for Playstation Move or Windows Mixed Reality controllers being used with SteamVR not initializing correctly
  • Oculus: Rotated UI laser pointers to a more-comfortable angle
  • Oculus: Tutorial will now correctly display Oculus button names (thumbstick, B button, Y Button, etc)
  • Bullet hole optimization to prevent rendering and fading of bullet holes that are not visible from current position
  • Fixed potential issue where returning to tent wouldn't score the kill to the player that downed you
  • Fixed the magazine in the tent without physics
    • There's a little something in there for those who enjoyed it

Aug 11, 2017

Featured Updates

  • Tanker: Re-made map. Full-length boat now playable. Storm the corridors underneath the deck or move through the dark maze of containers on the deck above.


  • Operations versus AI is now available on Bazaar
  • Join Match no longer has the possibility of placing you in Competitive Lobbies
  • Added a confirmation prompt when joining a competitive lobby
  • Introduced sound occlusion on new Tanker. This will also be applied to Subway in an upcoming patch.
  • Added an above/below indicator for the objective on maps that can have it on multiple levels (Subway, Tanker & Surburbia)


  • Shotgun point cost reduced from 3 to 2
  • AI: balanced AI communication range when spotting targets
  • AI: improved hearing nearby weapons firing (react differently for suppressed/not-suppressed weapons)


  • Improved audio CPU performance, was specifically noticeable when firing LMGs
  • Fixed LMG bolt handle being difficult to grab
  • Fixed ballistic shield not appearing locally if player was using visible controllers instead of hands
  • Fixed SPAS12 buckshot sometimes hitting the end of its barrel
  • Fixed LMG belt rapid clicking sound if loading weapon with dominant hand
  • Fixed AI firing when weapon was through a wall
  • Fixed AI standing on dead player bodies and spinning rapidly
  • Fixed AI shooting through smokes. They can now only see through the start of a smoke grenade

July 15, 2017


  • Operations versus AI
    • New Operations gamemode with two pickable scenarios.
    • Available in Single Player and Co-op Online
    • Settings for difficulty and number of AI
    • Currently available on Downfall1, Downfall2
    • Syringe count increased (depending on difficulty)
    • AI reacts accordingly to time of day, sandstorms and smoke and flash grenades
  • Tutorial
    • Fully interactive tutorial teaching players the core mechanics of the game.
  • Shooting Range: Drop-in Drop-out
    • Players can now return to the tent and respawn at any time. No longer need to wait for the round to end.
  • Lobby Options and Server Browser
    • Can now password-protect lobbies (the lobby can also be opened to public by the host while in lobby)
    • Can now flag lobbies as competitive (icon appears in server browser)
    • Added filters to server browser
    • Added ability to set the player count to 8 or 10 when creating a lobby
    • Free-roam game mode added for solo players. Learn the maps while being invincible.
  • Weapon Remodels
    • Famas and M39 EMR (previously named the M14)


  • Weapons: Shotguns reworked. Ammo options changed to Buckshot and Slug. Shotgun bullets now lose damage over distance.
    • Buckshot is high spread, low damage per projectile
    • Slug is a single slug round, treated as Armor Piercing
  • Weapons: If a grenade blows up in your hand you now take full damage (previously, damage could be blocked by objects between you and the grenade)
  • Weapons: Made the magazine easier to grab on bolt action rifles
  • Particles: New bullet impacts
  • Particles: Added blood impacts
  • Audio: New grunt and death sounds. Each Faction/Class combination has its own set of audio clips
  • Audio: Increased volume of player voices (tent and radio voices)
  • Loadout Tent: Added ability to edit and save loadout for the next round while you are in tent waiting for the round to finish
  • Loadout Tent: Voting to kick a player will now indicate that the vote has been sent, and now prompts the rest of your team to choose to also vote (or ignore)
  • UI: Added subtle haptic feedback to hovering over menu buttons
  • UI: Additional Options in Main Menu
    • Radio Position: Swaps right/left shoulder for radio and knife access (default left)
    • Gun Stock: This option should make efforts to stop the player from moving backwards whilst aiming above them and using a controller gun stock that angles the controllers perpendicular to the stock.
  • Renamed some weapons
    • M14 changed to M39 EMR
    • VAL changed to AS VAL
    • G36 changed to G36c
    • SCAR changed to MK16
    • Commando 552 changed to 552 Commando


  • Body Armor health lowered from 36 to 26.
  • Body Armor collision changed. Now only protects upper chest and back (previously covered more of the belly and body side areas)
  • Body Armor collision now gets disabled when lost all health (player torso collision sits underneath the Body Armor, so now when Body Armor is destroyed the player's torso collision is slightly smaller)
  • Suburbia: added some barricades to prevent a small line of sight from one side of map to the other
  • Tanker & Suburbia: added barrier at the start of the rounds to prevent throwing grenades from one spawn to another


  • Suburbia: optimized large meshes and cutout shaders
  • Addressed several performance spikes that occurred while spawning
  • Improved weapon heat wave particle performance


  • Fixed a rare bug causing players to spawn in with a black screen
  • Improved Downfall rock and rock wall hitboxes
  • Improved palm tree colliders
  • Improved player ragdolls visually
  • Fixed player dots on tablet map being incorrectly layered below Uplink objective
  • Fixed "Send Uplink" tablet menu being available from any location if originally pressed within distance of objective and then moved away.
  • Realigned AK-74u and MP5 sights
  • Realigned all weapon laser sights
  • Fixed bullet tracers not aligned correctly with bullet trajectory

June 16, 2017

Hey guys,

Today we are releasing 5v5 and a few other fixes. More content to come in June!




  • Player count increase to 5v5 on all maps and gamemodes
  • Added missing SPAS-12 reload sound
  • Optimized ballistics movement (remains the same motion as previously, just better performance)
  • Increased M14 magazine size from 15 to 20
  • Fixed MK17 magazine changing colors when moving from hand to weapon
  • Fixed sky appearing black when looking through scopes
  • Fixed smoke grenade throw slowdown
  • Fixed several spawning issues causing black screens, spawning inside other players
  • Increased the Commando 552 ammo count to the correct value (30)

May 6, 2017

Hey guys,

You may have seen reports of a few new exploits which have surfaced in the past couple of days (notably a speed exploit, and being able to leave spawn within the countdown), fortunately we have already prepared for this eventuality. This patch will contain a number of countermeasures to prevent the methods these players were using, as well as improve anticheat.

We really want to thank the community for bringing the cheaters to our attention!

We are releasing a patch today with bug and exploit fixes, and optimizations. 5v5 is almost ready! However, we need to do a few more thorough tests with various PC setups, to make sure things run smoothly. We will be doing tests with members of the community in our discord next week so join it to get a chance to test! The next major patch, after 5v5, will be filled with new content and will have even more improvements. Thank you all for your patience!

Stay updated on Onward, converse with the community, test builds, and participate in organized competitive events by joining our Discord!



  • Featured Updates
    • Re-added Ballistic Shield to Marsoc Specialist loadout.
    • New gun models and textures for the M249 SAW and PKM

  • Balance
    • M1911 and TT cost reduced from 2 to 1
    • AUG cost increased from 2 to 3
  • General
    • Movement sound effects volume changed (nearby volume is the same, falloff for distance is more harsh resulting in lower volumes at further distances than before)
    • Smoke grenade particle optimizations
    • Toggleable front weapon attachments (flashlight and lasersight) can now be triggered on/off while offhand is gripping the weapon regardless of the position of the attachment
    • Modified scope parallax and vignette to be more forgiving
    • Added hand animation blending
    • Added end of round text indicating why the round ended
    • Reduced volume of movement sounds for all players
    • Reduced volume of gear equipping/unequipping sounds
    • Loadout Tent: larger and higher resolution spectate screen
    • Loadout Tent: player dots on map have radio indicators when players are talking
    • Loadout Tent: player dots on map can be selected using the laser to change spectate view
    • Loadout Tent: team helmets reset position if moved too far away from table
    • Loadout Tent: previous selections are preserved when cycling through primary weapons (attachments and ammo)
    • Loadout Tent: updated maps to show more terrain
    • While downed, quit to lobby button is now available (Vive non-dominant hand Menu Button)
    • Overall optimization improvements
  • Fixes
    • Fixed speed exploit and improved anti-cheat
    • Fixed selecting the same loadout class causing players to spawn on top of each other and cause temporarily slowed movement at the start of a round (this would occasionally cause a black screen on spawn also)
    • All maps: players that were able to escape map geometry can no longer walk around under the map
    • Downfall: fixed reflective terrain near the downed helicopter
    • Downfall: added extra map boundaries to prevent players being able to fall off the map
    • Bazaar: added extra map boundaries to prevent players being able to get on upper floors of some buildings which should have been out of bounds
    • Subway: fixed falling through ground on spawn if headset isn't being tracked
    • Suburbia: wood window frames are now penetrable
    • Changed some trees and cacti on Downfall and Quarantine to now be penetrable
    • Loadout Tent: fixed voices of players in tent being audible to spawned players in a round
    • Loadout Tent: fixed an issue which could previously allow for teams to have more players than allowed
    • Loadout Tent: improved handling of updating loadout data when changes have been made to available options
    • Fixed being able to grab gun bolt with same hand that’s gripping a gun
    • Fixed being able to grab mags from vest with same hand that’s gripping a gun
    • Fixed holographic and red dot sights rendering behind smoke grenades
    • Fixed lasersight attachment stopping rendering through smoke
    • Changed smoke grenade to stop perpetual rolling after a throw
    • Fixed SA80 incorrectly having 200 rounds in a magazine (changed to 100)

April 7, 2017

Hey guys,

Patch today to fix and balance some things from the March Update. Get ready for 5v5 in the next update.

Known Issues:

  • Sometimes can spawn in with black screen if using night vision, but returning to tent lobby will appear fine.
  • Fix: When returning to tent lobby, back out to team selection, and put a helmet back on.

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  • Balance: Reduced cost of Night Vision to 2 points (from 3)
  • Fixed Exit button in tent not correctly disconnecting, causing player to be stuck in tent
  • Fixed player models sometimes being invisible when respawning
  • Fixed player models visually animating oddly when respawning at start of round
  • Fixed round ending prematurely by incorrectly counting how many players were down if host exited to lobby after spawning
  • Fixed some weapons incorrectly having foregrip attachment option, causing player to not be able to grip the weapon
  • Fixed spawning with a shotgun sometimes causing player to have no hands
  • Fixed night vision getting stuck in fading black screen
  • Fixed being unable to shoot AUG when lasersight was equipped
  • Tanker: fixed objective not visible on tablet
  • Subway: fixed tablet map showing grey areas underground
  • Main Menu: connection status now shows connection to the Servers and to Steam. If either is not connected, Multiplayer and Coop Shooting Range are unavailable
  • Main Menu: fixed some lobbies not being shown in server browser
  • Loadout Tent: fixed map not showing correct Uplink objective position
  • Loadout Tent: fixed left handed players being unable to vote on next map
  • Loadout Tent: fixed being unable to select a team with the helmets (caused by being not connected to Steam)
  • Loadout Tent: removed AP ammo from some Automatic Rifleman weapons
  • Shooting Range: fixed solo shooting range occasionally being unavailable when offline
  • Escort Game Mode: removed shifting VIP to another player if the VIP left the game at start of round (was causing further bugs and issues for players)
  • Grenades: optimized smoke grenade particles
  • Grenades: fixed frag grenades not dealing correct damage if target had body armor
  • Grenades: fixed smoke grenade particles flickering

March 31, 2017

Hey guys,

The team and I have been hard at work to bring you this March update. This update contains a new map, new game mode, and a bunch of gameplay updates and fixes. We are still finalizing increasing the player count to 5v5, so expect that in a soon to follow patch.

I would like to thank the community for your patience on this update, you all are awesome. We think it was worth the wait and hope you do too.

Known Issues: Occasionally the Exit button in the tent will not successfully return to the main menu and will require restart. Ballistic shield temporarily removed for fixing.

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Featured Updates

  • New Map: Bazaar
    • A Middle Eastern market space
    • Chance of a sandstorm to hit during gameplay

  • New Game Mode: Escort
    • One Marsoc player is randomly selected to be the VIP
    • Escort the VIP to one of the evac points
    • Available on Maps: Bazaar, Downfall1, Downfall2, Quarantine1, Quarantine2

  • Loadout System
    • Each part of your Loadout has a point cost associated with it, so you’ll have to prioritize what you bring to the fight
    • Added bullet penetration, and reworked body armor, weapon damage, and grenade damage (more info in "General" below)

  • General
    • Slightly reworked movement system to be more intuitive (for both experienced and new players)
      • Previous:
        • - Raising your gun to aim down sights slowed your movement by a flat rate
        • - An exploit allowed you to move at full speed while aiming if your offhand was rotated a specific way
      • Now:
        • - Raising your gun slows your speed based on how much it is raised
        • - Aiming with pistols doesn’t reduce speed as much as aiming with Primary weapon
    • Added Bullet Penetration
      • Bullets lose some of their damage when passing through objects they penetrate
      • If a bullet loses too much damage, it gets impacted in the object it was trying to penetrate
      • Penetration has been added to wood materials. Fences in Suburbia, fences in Downfall, and market clutter in Bazaar
    • Changed the way Body Armor functions
      • Previous:
        • - All damage dealt to torso area by FMJ bullets was blocked
      • Now:
        • - Body armor has separate health from the player that degrades with damage
        • - Damage from AP bullets goes through this health and only applies damage to player health
        • - Damage from FMJ bullets will deal all its damage to body armor health. If the armor is reduced to no health, any excess and future damage is applied to player health and the armor is no longer useful
    • Changed the way Grenade damage functions
      • Previous:
        • - Grenades dealt full damage to players in grenade blast radius
      • Now:
        • - A player in the blast radius of a grenade receives part of the damage applied directly to player health and part of the damage applied to their chest (which will deal damage the same way FMJ damage does to the chest)
        • - Grenade damage is reduced by penetrating materials
        • - Grenade damage can be reduced by other players blocking line of sight to the grenade blast. Fall on a grenade to protect your team!
    • Each weapon has variable damage. In general, higher costing weapons deal slightly more damage
      • Pistol damage has been reduced by 50% (still gets multiplied by locational damage)
      • Added Equipment 2 slot that allows for Body Armor and Night Vision to be equipped at the same time
      • Downfall1 & 2: Added occasional Sandstorm weather event
      • Added new music by Rich Douglas
      • Changed crouch height to be relative to player’s set height rather than using a set crouch height (this should help with some smaller players being stuck constantly crouching)
      • Increased syringe “holster” collider size to make it easier to put away after equipping
      • Changed War Objective range for interaction from box to cylinder
      • Changed smoke grenade effects to be more dense when inside the grenade than before
      • Single player shooting range now works offline
      • Upgraded to Unity 5.5
  • Lobby/UX
    • Added a map to the spectate view during rounds
    • Vote Kick now prevents player from rejoining that lobby for an hour
    • Added “killed by” text to tent after death
    • Added Game Mode to server browser entries
    • Changed tent model
    • Renamed previous “War” Game Mode to “Uplink”
    • Increased resolution of most UI text
  • Optimization
    • Reduced memory usage
    • Added “Lowest” Quality setting
    • Weapon and Loadout systems refactor
    • Optimized frag and smoke grenade particles
    • Downfall1 & 2: Removed excess props outside of map bounds
  • Fixes
    • Addressed some exploits
    • Fixed scope clipping when held close to camera
    • Fixed mouse cursor being locked to game window on start
    • Fixed sometimes getting too many players on the same team
    • Fixed ability to walk on barbed wire fences
    • Fixed ability to hold mag between rounds to retain ammo
    • Fixed vest colliding with geometry and getting stuck
    • Fixed kit being difficult to access while prone
    • Fixed player models sometimes being invisible

February 1, 2017

Hey guys,
Sorry for the delay for this patch, I've been busy here at valve, and it took a bit of time to get situated. Here is whats in today's update.


  • Major 3D spatial audio update
  • Performance improvements
  • Fixed triple map load
  • Fixed tablet button collision issue
  • Bolt action rifles now give double damage
  • Flashbangs have a larger flash radius
  • Adjustments to a few objective positions
  • Grenades no longer play collision sounds while in hand
  • P90 and mp5 sight/aim realigned
  • Radio cannot be used while in tent
  • New sound effects, and skyboxes for maps

Note: I removed blood effects, due to a few issues, but they will be added back soon.

A lot more content and improvements are on the way!
I am still updating my internal roadmap, and once a solid course of action is outlined, I will post it for everyone. Thanks again for your support!


January 4, 2017

Hey guys,
I've spent some time optimizing and fixing a handful of bugs. Here is whats in today's update.


  • Performance Improvements
  • Footstep loudness is based on player speed (you can walk quietly, by moving slower/crouching).
  • Red Dot/Holo/Laser Sights work with Night Vision
  • Scope adjustments for 4x and 12x
  • New targets in shooting range to help with sniping.
  • It is easier to input the code for the objective
  • Left handed players can hold tablet correctly
  • Laser sight is more reliable, and is effective up to medium range.
  • Left handed players' shield is synced over the network.
  • Aug can shoot with laser sight attachment

Known Issue: player models can randomly turn blue after getting shot
An updated roadmap will be coming soon in January, along with more content and fixes in an upcoming patch.


P.S. If you want to stay updated on Onward and converse with the community join our Discord:

December 13, 2016

Hey guys,
After spending the past few days doing tests with players, these changes have been added back in

  • New Quarantine map
  • Wrist watch
  • Snap turns for Touch users.

Thank you to all the testers that volunteered and helped!
Another update will be coming soon with bug fixes and an announcement.
If you have free time to help test and debug, please join the Onward Discord: and send me a message! I have a beta branch set up for testing.

Thank you all for the support and patience,

December 9, 2016

Hey guys,
I'm truly sorry for the issues you all have been having with the latest patch. I'm going to be reverting back to an older build, until I can pinpoint and fix these issues. I will get a follow up patch out as soon as possible.

Main changes from latest patch to previous:
Note: These features will come back once issues have been fixed

  • Older Quarantine map
  • No wrist watch
  • No snap turns for Touch users (Touch users will have to set their sensors up in in a roomscale fashion until an updated patch is released).

If you have free time to help test and debug, please join the Onward Discord: and send me a message! I have a beta branch set up for testing.
Thank you all for the support and patience,