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Release Notes

May 6, 2017

Hey guys,

You may have seen reports of a few new exploits which have surfaced in the past couple of days (notably a speed exploit, and being able to leave spawn within the countdown), fortunately we have already prepared for this eventuality. This patch will contain a number of countermeasures to prevent the methods these players were using, as well as improve anticheat.

We really want to thank the community for bringing the cheaters to our attention!

We are releasing a patch today with bug and exploit fixes, and optimizations. 5v5 is almost ready! However, we need to do a few more thorough tests with various PC setups, to make sure things run smoothly. We will be doing tests with members of the community in our discord next week so join it to get a chance to test! The next major patch, after 5v5, will be filled with new content and will have even more improvements. Thank you all for your patience!

Stay updated on Onward, converse with the community, test builds, and participate in organized competitive events by joining our Discord!



  • Featured Updates
    • Re-added Ballistic Shield to Marsoc Specialist loadout.
    • New gun models and textures for the M249 SAW and PKM

  • Balance
    • M1911 and TT cost reduced from 2 to 1
    • AUG cost increased from 2 to 3
  • General
    • Movement sound effects volume changed (nearby volume is the same, falloff for distance is more harsh resulting in lower volumes at further distances than before)
    • Smoke grenade particle optimizations
    • Toggleable front weapon attachments (flashlight and lasersight) can now be triggered on/off while offhand is gripping the weapon regardless of the position of the attachment
    • Modified scope parallax and vignette to be more forgiving
    • Added hand animation blending
    • Added end of round text indicating why the round ended
    • Reduced volume of movement sounds for all players
    • Reduced volume of gear equipping/unequipping sounds
    • Loadout Tent: larger and higher resolution spectate screen
    • Loadout Tent: player dots on map have radio indicators when players are talking
    • Loadout Tent: player dots on map can be selected using the laser to change spectate view
    • Loadout Tent: team helmets reset position if moved too far away from table
    • Loadout Tent: previous selections are preserved when cycling through primary weapons (attachments and ammo)
    • Loadout Tent: updated maps to show more terrain
    • While downed, quit to lobby button is now available (Vive non-dominant hand Menu Button)
    • Overall optimization improvements
  • Fixes
    • Fixed speed exploit and improved anti-cheat
    • Fixed selecting the same loadout class causing players to spawn on top of each other and cause temporarily slowed movement at the start of a round (this would occasionally cause a black screen on spawn also)
    • All maps: players that were able to escape map geometry can no longer walk around under the map
    • Downfall: fixed reflective terrain near the downed helicopter
    • Downfall: added extra map boundaries to prevent players being able to fall off the map
    • Bazaar: added extra map boundaries to prevent players being able to get on upper floors of some buildings which should have been out of bounds
    • Subway: fixed falling through ground on spawn if headset isn't being tracked
    • Suburbia: wood window frames are now penetrable
    • Changed some trees and cacti on Downfall and Quarantine to now be penetrable
    • Loadout Tent: fixed voices of players in tent being audible to spawned players in a round
    • Loadout Tent: fixed an issue which could previously allow for teams to have more players than allowed
    • Loadout Tent: improved handling of updating loadout data when changes have been made to available options
    • Fixed being able to grab gun bolt with same hand that’s gripping a gun
    • Fixed being able to grab mags from vest with same hand that’s gripping a gun
    • Fixed holographic and red dot sights rendering behind smoke grenades
    • Fixed lasersight attachment stopping rendering through smoke
    • Changed smoke grenade to stop perpetual rolling after a throw
    • Fixed SA80 incorrectly having 200 rounds in a magazine (changed to 100)

April 7, 2017

Hey guys,

Patch today to fix and balance some things from the March Update. Get ready for 5v5 in the next update.

Known Issues:

  • Sometimes can spawn in with black screen if using night vision, but returning to tent lobby will appear fine.
  • Fix: When returning to tent lobby, back out to team selection, and put a helmet back on.

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  • Balance: Reduced cost of Night Vision to 2 points (from 3)
  • Fixed Exit button in tent not correctly disconnecting, causing player to be stuck in tent
  • Fixed player models sometimes being invisible when respawning
  • Fixed player models visually animating oddly when respawning at start of round
  • Fixed round ending prematurely by incorrectly counting how many players were down if host exited to lobby after spawning
  • Fixed some weapons incorrectly having foregrip attachment option, causing player to not be able to grip the weapon
  • Fixed spawning with a shotgun sometimes causing player to have no hands
  • Fixed night vision getting stuck in fading black screen
  • Fixed being unable to shoot AUG when lasersight was equipped
  • Tanker: fixed objective not visible on tablet
  • Subway: fixed tablet map showing grey areas underground
  • Main Menu: connection status now shows connection to the Servers and to Steam. If either is not connected, Multiplayer and Coop Shooting Range are unavailable
  • Main Menu: fixed some lobbies not being shown in server browser
  • Loadout Tent: fixed map not showing correct Uplink objective position
  • Loadout Tent: fixed left handed players being unable to vote on next map
  • Loadout Tent: fixed being unable to select a team with the helmets (caused by being not connected to Steam)
  • Loadout Tent: removed AP ammo from some Automatic Rifleman weapons
  • Shooting Range: fixed solo shooting range occasionally being unavailable when offline
  • Escort Game Mode: removed shifting VIP to another player if the VIP left the game at start of round (was causing further bugs and issues for players)
  • Grenades: optimized smoke grenade particles
  • Grenades: fixed frag grenades not dealing correct damage if target had body armor
  • Grenades: fixed smoke grenade particles flickering

March 31, 2017

Hey guys,

The team and I have been hard at work to bring you this March update. This update contains a new map, new game mode, and a bunch of gameplay updates and fixes. We are still finalizing increasing the player count to 5v5, so expect that in a soon to follow patch.

I would like to thank the community for your patience on this update, you all are awesome. We think it was worth the wait and hope you do too.

Known Issues: Occasionally the Exit button in the tent will not successfully return to the main menu and will require restart. Ballistic shield temporarily removed for fixing.

Stay updated on Onward, converse with the community, and participate in organized competitive events by joining our Discord!



Featured Updates

  • New Map: Bazaar
    • A Middle Eastern market space
    • Chance of a sandstorm to hit during gameplay

  • New Game Mode: Escort
    • One Marsoc player is randomly selected to be the VIP
    • Escort the VIP to one of the evac points
    • Available on Maps: Bazaar, Downfall1, Downfall2, Quarantine1, Quarantine2

  • Loadout System
    • Each part of your Loadout has a point cost associated with it, so you’ll have to prioritize what you bring to the fight
    • Added bullet penetration, and reworked body armor, weapon damage, and grenade damage (more info in "General" below)

  • General
    • Slightly reworked movement system to be more intuitive (for both experienced and new players)
      • Previous:
        • - Raising your gun to aim down sights slowed your movement by a flat rate
        • - An exploit allowed you to move at full speed while aiming if your offhand was rotated a specific way
      • Now:
        • - Raising your gun slows your speed based on how much it is raised
        • - Aiming with pistols doesn’t reduce speed as much as aiming with Primary weapon
    • Added Bullet Penetration
      • Bullets lose some of their damage when passing through objects they penetrate
      • If a bullet loses too much damage, it gets impacted in the object it was trying to penetrate
      • Penetration has been added to wood materials. Fences in Suburbia, fences in Downfall, and market clutter in Bazaar
    • Changed the way Body Armor functions
      • Previous:
        • - All damage dealt to torso area by FMJ bullets was blocked
      • Now:
        • - Body armor has separate health from the player that degrades with damage
        • - Damage from AP bullets goes through this health and only applies damage to player health
        • - Damage from FMJ bullets will deal all its damage to body armor health. If the armor is reduced to no health, any excess and future damage is applied to player health and the armor is no longer useful
    • Changed the way Grenade damage functions
      • Previous:
        • - Grenades dealt full damage to players in grenade blast radius
      • Now:
        • - A player in the blast radius of a grenade receives part of the damage applied directly to player health and part of the damage applied to their chest (which will deal damage the same way FMJ damage does to the chest)
        • - Grenade damage is reduced by penetrating materials
        • - Grenade damage can be reduced by other players blocking line of sight to the grenade blast. Fall on a grenade to protect your team!
    • Each weapon has variable damage. In general, higher costing weapons deal slightly more damage
      • Pistol damage has been reduced by 50% (still gets multiplied by locational damage)
      • Added Equipment 2 slot that allows for Body Armor and Night Vision to be equipped at the same time
      • Downfall1 & 2: Added occasional Sandstorm weather event
      • Added new music by Rich Douglas
      • Changed crouch height to be relative to player’s set height rather than using a set crouch height (this should help with some smaller players being stuck constantly crouching)
      • Increased syringe “holster” collider size to make it easier to put away after equipping
      • Changed War Objective range for interaction from box to cylinder
      • Changed smoke grenade effects to be more dense when inside the grenade than before
      • Single player shooting range now works offline
      • Upgraded to Unity 5.5
  • Lobby/UX
    • Added a map to the spectate view during rounds
    • Vote Kick now prevents player from rejoining that lobby for an hour
    • Added “killed by” text to tent after death
    • Added Game Mode to server browser entries
    • Changed tent model
    • Renamed previous “War” Game Mode to “Uplink”
    • Increased resolution of most UI text
  • Optimization
    • Reduced memory usage
    • Added “Lowest” Quality setting
    • Weapon and Loadout systems refactor
    • Optimized frag and smoke grenade particles
    • Downfall1 & 2: Removed excess props outside of map bounds
  • Fixes
    • Addressed some exploits
    • Fixed scope clipping when held close to camera
    • Fixed mouse cursor being locked to game window on start
    • Fixed sometimes getting too many players on the same team
    • Fixed ability to walk on barbed wire fences
    • Fixed ability to hold mag between rounds to retain ammo
    • Fixed vest colliding with geometry and getting stuck
    • Fixed kit being difficult to access while prone
    • Fixed player models sometimes being invisible

February 1, 2017

Hey guys,
Sorry for the delay for this patch, I've been busy here at valve, and it took a bit of time to get situated. Here is whats in today's update.


  • Major 3D spatial audio update
  • Performance improvements
  • Fixed triple map load
  • Fixed tablet button collision issue
  • Bolt action rifles now give double damage
  • Flashbangs have a larger flash radius
  • Adjustments to a few objective positions
  • Grenades no longer play collision sounds while in hand
  • P90 and mp5 sight/aim realigned
  • Radio cannot be used while in tent
  • New sound effects, and skyboxes for maps

Note: I removed blood effects, due to a few issues, but they will be added back soon.

A lot more content and improvements are on the way!
I am still updating my internal roadmap, and once a solid course of action is outlined, I will post it for everyone. Thanks again for your support!


January 4, 2017

Hey guys,
I've spent some time optimizing and fixing a handful of bugs. Here is whats in today's update.


  • Performance Improvements
  • Footstep loudness is based on player speed (you can walk quietly, by moving slower/crouching).
  • Red Dot/Holo/Laser Sights work with Night Vision
  • Scope adjustments for 4x and 12x
  • New targets in shooting range to help with sniping.
  • It is easier to input the code for the objective
  • Left handed players can hold tablet correctly
  • Laser sight is more reliable, and is effective up to medium range.
  • Left handed players' shield is synced over the network.
  • Aug can shoot with laser sight attachment

Known Issue: player models can randomly turn blue after getting shot
An updated roadmap will be coming soon in January, along with more content and fixes in an upcoming patch.


P.S. If you want to stay updated on Onward and converse with the community join our Discord:

December 13, 2016

Hey guys,
After spending the past few days doing tests with players, these changes have been added back in

  • New Quarantine map
  • Wrist watch
  • Snap turns for Touch users.

Thank you to all the testers that volunteered and helped!
Another update will be coming soon with bug fixes and an announcement.
If you have free time to help test and debug, please join the Onward Discord: and send me a message! I have a beta branch set up for testing.

Thank you all for the support and patience,

December 9, 2016

Hey guys,
I'm truly sorry for the issues you all have been having with the latest patch. I'm going to be reverting back to an older build, until I can pinpoint and fix these issues. I will get a follow up patch out as soon as possible.

Main changes from latest patch to previous:
Note: These features will come back once issues have been fixed

  • Older Quarantine map
  • No wrist watch
  • No snap turns for Touch users (Touch users will have to set their sensors up in in a roomscale fashion until an updated patch is released).

If you have free time to help test and debug, please join the Onward Discord: and send me a message! I have a beta branch set up for testing.
Thank you all for the support and patience,