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Wiki Todo Page

If you think of useful things the wiki could have go ahead and throw them in a section here.



  • Add game mode information on capturing/defending
  • Add explanation for suppression system (being shot at and having the screen go dark)


  • Fill out detailed weapon page for each weapon, like seen here: M16A4_Rifleman Pages need to be proof read.
  • General weapon feel stats like recoil, rate of fire, how they're sighted in, apparent bullet drop, etc.

Apparent Ballistics: MARSOC Rifleman: MK16 and AK5C Post patch 1.8.5 - performed a few random tests on 2 of the popular primary weapons for MARSOC Rifleman utilising Shooting Range and the Fall of Shot indicator. Both appear to shoot approx 6 inches/15 cm low at all ranges. Nominally IRL a weapon of this class would be sighted in (zeroed) at 100 or 200 Metres. With the distance to targets on SR, ToF (Time of Flight), ballistic and muzzle velocity being unknown at this stage, only an approximation of ballistic model could be made. For now it is suggested that the best point of aim is base of neck. This should ensure an upper torso hit at all ranges.


  • Notate cardinal directions on maps, add night versions of downfall and quarantine
  • Consider method for naming landmarks on map
  • Show all possible objective points and the spawns that go with them

Creation of Misc section

  • Dev roadmap
  • Tips and tricks on various topics like easier visual identification of MARSOC/VOLK
  • Map strategies
  • Loadout strategies


  • Graphics for character model
  • Graphics for weapons try to get fairly large images so auto resizing can work well
  • Graphics for items
  • General/theme graphics and/or skin for site facelift

Content requests

Think of something that is missing from the wiki? Put your requests here!

Requests for the Admin

Think of a plugin or significant change that needs help from the admin? Put them here!
Youtube plugin