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Wiki Todo Page

If you think of useful things the wiki could have go ahead and throw them in a section here.



  • Add game mode information on capturing/defending
  • Add explanation for suppression system (being shot at and having the screen go dark)


  • Fill out detailed weapon page for each weapon, like seen here: M16A4_Rifleman Pages need to be proof read.
  • General weapon feel stats like recoil, rate of fire, how they're sighted in, apparent bullet drop, etc.


  • Notate cardinal directions on maps, add night versions of downfall and quarantine
  • Consider method for naming landmarks on map
  • Show all possible objective points and the spawns that go with them

Creation of Misc section

  • Dev roadmap
  • Tips and tricks on various topics like easier visual identification of MARSOC/VOLK
  • Map strategies
  • Loadout strategies


  • Graphics for character model
  • Graphics for weapons try to get fairly large images so auto resizing can work well
  • Graphics for items
  • General/theme graphics and/or skin for site facelift

Content requests

Think of something that is missing from the wiki? Put your requests here!

Requests for the Admin

Think of a plugin or significant change that needs help from the admin? Put them here!
Youtube plugin